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We all know what it means to crave something, but how does that relate to what we do here at Canadian Cravings? We turned to our old pal Webster (of Dictionary fame) to define what exactly it means to crave:

verb (used with object), craved, craving.
1. to long for; want greatly; desire eagerly: to crave sweets; to crave affection.
2. to require; need: a problem craving prompt attention.
3. to ask earnestly for (something); beg for.
4. to ask (a person) earnestly for something or to do something.

Here in Burlington (Crave PR and Canadian Craving’s headquarters), we are lucky to be uniquely situated near Toronto, Canada’s largest city; Guelph, an agricultural hub; and the Niagara wine region. Nestled comfortably between these food and cultural powerhouses, we find the city of Burlington shines in its own right as a city with something to offer anyone and everyone when it comes to food, lifestyle, and wellness – the cornerstone of Crave PR. With that in mind, where better to start than in our own backyard – Burlington, Ontario?

We’re always craving delicious food and memorable experiences from all things local, and our goal is to seek out what’s new and exciting to share it with you. Stay tuned more posts from our ‘hood and from across this amazing country, Canada. Your cravings will be more than satisfied.

Image credit: Alyson Linke

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